If you like the style of my paintings, why not commission a painting of your own children or grandchildren? It is a perfect and unique gift, perhaps for a special christening or godchild. I am also able to produce high quality prints on paper or canvas from your completed commission - another great gift idea for yourself or family and friends.
Prices start at £100 for drawings in charcoal or pencil, and as a guide, a pastel painting of one child, size 16 x 12 inches would be about £350, unframed.

I don't necessarily need professional photographs, just high resolution, reasonably close pics. A few helpful hints follow:
  • Firstly, think about clothing. Simple clothing works best, whites or lighter/brighter colours catch the light better than very dark colours, and it also adds to the whole summery feeling if you can catch them in shorts or bare arms - rather than really fully clothed, which can look a bit heavy in a painting.
    Bare toes are nice, or sandals, or bright wellies if you've got them.
  • Sunlight, dappled sunlight, with shadows thrown away from the children is good.
  • Try to catch their little fingers pointing, or holding a bucket, spade or pebble for example.
    Three-quarter faces are better than rather than full face if at all possible.
  • Photos of them running with a bucket and spade or a kite or ball could be another option, really, they're your children - whatever they normally do on a beach!
  • And lastly, their reflections in the wet sand or rock pool or something can be the final magical touch.
    I look forward to hearing from you!
Ps. I don't only paint children to commission - I also do dogs, horses and lately, pigs! - see my gallery page.

Price Guide

Charcoal Drawing, One Head, approx
16" x 20"
£100, double mounted
Extra heads from £30
Pastel Painting, One Head, approx size 12" x 16" £350, double mounted
Extra heads from £100
Pastel Paintings can be much larger than this. Please contact Sue for a quote.
Oil or Acrylic on canvas from £600
please contact Sue to discuss your ideas.